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“Creating a caring and supportive environment can only aid in the healing process.”
-Dr. Duncan Hite

Guest Stories

Walls and a roof make up the SECU Family House, but it’s the people inside that make it more than just a place to stay…   Click on their names to see their remarkable stories.



Normal – just what I needed.

Family Quote 17

The Hanckels

Besides the nourishment to our bodies, [dinners] lifted our spirits to see groups of volunteers coming to fix food and to spread good cheer to one and all. ‘Kitchen talk’ eased our nerves.


We were surrounded by such loving, caring, kind individuals who could empathize with us.

Shayna and her father Robert

Shayna and her father Robert

The Saylors

We could cook and eat together, have a comfortable living room to sit in and we felt welcomed at whatever time of day or night we showed up.

Saylor family

Lorri and Steve

It turned out to be heaven!

Libby and Bill

We will always remember the warm welcome and smiling faces. We came in as complete strangers and now we are leaving with friends that really feel like family to us.

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